I'm back (after a week) and better than ever. SO v v  sorry about week 7. It was the most boring week of my life so I didn't want to share that with the world. Week 8 was one of my more exciting weeks. It involved constructing a 3-D mood board for my retail store, Saylor, trying to complete my CAD project, plus studying for tests, babysitting, and working, but thats not important. 

CAD: Project 2 is under way and it is focused on evening wear.  So, it consists of me choosing 5 silhouettes that best fit my target customer / mood, constructing flats of these silhouettes in Illustrator, and creating a group of prints to go on my flats. First of all Illustrator is my worst enemy. I despise it and I only despise it because I don't know how to work it, so it's been frustrating for me. It's extremely difficult. 0/10 wouldn't recommend. Hoping project 2 flats will trump project 1 flats. Stay tuned.

I2F: 3-D mood boards kindaaaaaaaaaaaaa suck. Might I add, 3-D mood boards only suck because we have to construct them a certain way. They are very time consuming and messy. Not for me. This particular one doesn't look too good in my opinion. I just honestly couldn't find many photos that fit my brand, so I used what I could find. Also, the fabric swatches are heinous because they were cut horribly (not by me), but oh well. I believe I told you guys about Saylor in a previous post, but I will enlighten you once again. SO, Saylor is an upscale women's boutique in Nashville. I wanted it to change the way (some) older working women and moms dressed. I wanted Saylor to be very luxe and carry a lot of women's suiting, lots of classics but with a twist, and vintage designer items. I love it so much and (maybe) I could have a store at some point in my life. WHO KNOWS.

That is all my little fashion school loverz. Luv u xoxox