Jw why I only have 6 weeks of this semester left?? HOW did that happen???? Asking for a friend. Thx. I just really can't wait to graduate. I LOVE learning new things, but some days I wanna be living and working my a** off in the homeland (NYC) already. Ya know????? Week 9 had two days of fall break so I only had 3 classes and only one outfit pic (sad). To make up for the one outfit photo I have a few really cool things to show you guys. I'm so happy I finally love my flats enough to show the world. I'm still working on perfecting them, BUT here they are. Scroll below. I am testing out different colors/patterns on the blazer on the far right to see what flows the best, but as for everything else, the color choices are chosen. I am going to have at least two color choices for every piece in my collection as well. Let me just say, flats are NOT EASY! It's taken me almost 7 weeks for them to even look like this, so good luck everyone who has to take CAD 1.  :-)

I am revising my line sheets for intro to fashion, but here are a few I am done with. My collection is called "Soul of the Scene."  It is called Soul of the Scene because my target customer is an older, sophisticated woman with an old soul, but she's a bit modern in the "scene." Make sense? I for one am obsessed. Wbu? I also named one of the sweaters after my wonderful mother. You are welcome, Mom!! 

Thank you to everyone who actually reads FSD. It means the world to me. 

X, A