It's week 10. Only 5 more weeks of this semester left. HOW? Side note. I feel like I ask, "HOW?" every FSD, but whatever. I'm honestly surprised each and every time I ask. This week was kind of a breeeeeze. *Knocks on wood* It was a breeze because I presented and I haven't been assigned anything too big yet. Just a mood / style board in CAD for project THREE! Scary.!!!!!!!!! I thinkkkkkk I am going for a Tory Burch esque type of customer. The older, but chic, independent woman. Goals, right? YES. It's going to be amazze. Will update on insta story tmrw. Some of you may ask, why almost all of my projects have revolved around older women? I will tell you WHY. Older women are established, know what they want, and have a career. Not all, but the older woman I hope I grow up to be is who I want to cater to. The only visuals I have for you guys this week are my outfits & my line sheets for intro to fashion. (HUGE shoutout to my intro instructor. She rocks my world.) Side note, one of the reasons why I love my school so much is because it is SO intimate and you are able to form a connection with your instructor. I feel more comfortable in that setting whether it be presenting, asking questions, etc. I just noticed I have documented every days outfit for week 10. Happiness for all.