Basically 3 weeks left. Send help and a lot of it. It's the time in the semester when everything is running together and if I don't write something down (in my calendar) I will forget it. On the bright side, I will be living in LA this summer to further my career in the fashion industry and I could scream I am so thankful. I just can't even believe it!!!!!!!!! It's truly the only thing getting me through the rest of this school year. WHEW. I have been working on a lot of different things, like making more intense prints for CAD, (im not a print gurl, but im trying to be), making a skirt out of show curtain liner and book pages (LOL). Basically, a lot is going on!!!!!!! The prints are going well, but the skirt is.... well.... it's coming. Below are photos of my print making process. They both started out as drawings and then transformed into PRINTS. Keep in mind, I am still working on them, but also I am having to make my prints very intense because they are what is going to make my collection. I'm still nervous about it and can't really picture it all coming together.................................................. but it should turn out great.... I hope. I am starting my flats TODAY and will show you guys my progress on my Insta story. Long week ahead. xoxox



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