SKEWL ENDS IN 4 WEEEEEKSSSS (freaky). Before it ends, I have A L O T  T O  D O. So much studying to do, so little time. I have a new and really exciting project to tell you guys about. I have to construct a garment out of non fabric materials and you may (or may not) be thinking, "that's weird." It's going to be really cool, and I love creating not so normal things. (art). I am going to make a mini skirt out of pages from several fashion books. It's going to be AMAZING. At least, in my head. I just bought the books yesterday, so stay TUNED for little previews on Insta. Below, I have included two photos of my print making process. I have to create my own prints for my CAD project and I wanted to tell & show you guys how I do it. First, I draw whatever it is I want my print to be. Also, I don't have a "neat" or "perfect" drawing style. My drawings are always very messy and un even. It's my thing and I like them that way. Second, I put them into illustrator and start duplicating my objects and placing them all over a box. Side note, the screenshot below was me playing around with ideas / colors. (It it nowhere near done). If you are wondering what "Baise Toi" means, well, if you don't mind explicit grammar, look it up. Otherwise, don't look it up. If you are wondering why I chose to include that on a print, my target customer is outgoing, care free and has that risque personality. I have a few other print ideas in my mind as well and I cannot wait for them to come to life. As much as I LOVE the process, there's noting cooler than seeing your designs finished and full of life. Lots of coolness to come.




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