I wish I could tell you how easy this process was but to be honest it was unexpectedly difficult to make this thing so great for you people. I was consumed with the idea of creating a perfect blog—which I soon found to be impossible. The majority of my friends have given up on reading fashion blogs because they all lack originality. That is why I have created this blog—for everyone who hates cliché fashion blogs such as myself. Through this blog, I want to empower you, as well as inspire you. I want you guys to get to know ME and my true self. I don't want everything to be posed because that’s not how life is. Fashion is fun for me and I want to share my perspective on it. Back in July when I was initially trying to create a blog, I asked the people around me for advice on what content I should put out, what I should call my blog, etc. I got a lot of feedback in response—mostly from my mom, sister, and friends. They gave me great ideas, but none of them were really “me”.  I wanted to be authentic, I wanted to standout, and I did NOT want to settle. After I left for college I was too busy to start it, so put it on the back burner for a few months until the right time came to produce something amazing. I did a lot of research and absorbed a lot of information. I networked. I thought A LOT. I gained insight from the creatives around me and voila! Here it is: MY BLOG! Mwah!

Dress is Urban Outfitters (on sale peeps) // Belt is Forever21 (last year) but with festival season approaching, they will be back friends. // Choker is from a local boutique that is no longer in business. (sad, I know)

Photos by - Merritt Huey