Blue on blue and minimal accessories is the topic for tonight peeps. Minimal accessories are the best accessories. (to me, anyways)  No, I am not saying don't wear statement jewelry, bags, etc but sometimes less is more. I am only wearing my everyday jewelry for this look, but I may add in a few layering necklaces, statement earrings, and a cool cuff every once in a while. This look is simple to put together and it was all ON SALE! (woop woop) My top is a silk tank from J. Crew that I have already linked on my shop page. (comes in other colors too). Whether you are looking for something casual OR something a little more sexy, this top will be your new go to. Trust meeeeee. My pants are also from J. Crew (bought them in orange too)  and they really have a cool athleisurely vibe to them. (super in right now and loving it wbu).  I got them last year, but I have linked some similar pants on my shop page. Im on a pants kick right now if you guys can't tell from my insta. Oops. I just really love them because they can completely change any outfit annndddd they are more comfortable than denim. If I was just wearing denim with this instead of my blue pants it would be so plain jane and we do not want that, friends. I would've never worn blue on blue but, i'm telling you guys I have really branched out with my style since I have started blogging and I am so happy with the outcome. I encourage you all to branch out a bit from your every day style as well! Personally, I don't have one specific "style", I fit into which is cool for me because I dress differently every single day.