Guys.... i've been anxiously waiting all week to post this!  1. I adore this outfit and 2. I am going to tell you how you can get my handbag 15% off! (yay) Besides adoring this outfit, I want to tell you how important it is to utilize your closet. When I say it's important, IT'S IMPORTANT ok. I want you guys to know I do not go out and search for things to post on my blog or Instagram because to me that is a waste of time. Of course I go shopping (more than I should) and incorporate those items into my blog if I want, but I never ever go searching for things specifically for my blog. The moral of the story is, do not say you don't have anything to wear. I for one am the most guilty of this! I used to think I needed something new for every event I went to and I would go out and buy cheap things just for the night. Please, do not do this. If you are having trouble finding an outfit, look in your closet and look again. If you see nothing just start trying things on and eventually you will come up with a new outfit you didn't even know you had. Clearly, it worked because that is what I did for this outfit! I bought this Lioness (one of my FAVES and the price point is amaze) dress from Nasty Gal 2 summers ago because I was going to wear it to an event. Long story short I did not end up wearing it and never wore it until I shot this outfit. I tried on the dress by itself and it was a little too scandalous and definitely not blog appropriate so I put this Who What Wear top with the most fab sleeves on under it and the look was COMPLETED! This dress also has a tie belt that can be tied multiple ways for multiple different looks which I love because it's a built in accessory. I paired it with my chrome heels from Urban which are still on sale (linked on my shop page), my everyday jewels, Rayban Icons, and last but not least my blush Patricia Nash bag! I am SO OBSESSED with this bag likeeeeee it's amazing in every way possible. It is small enough but still holds a lot, has a cross body strap, AND it has rose gold hardware. (ddeeeeaaaddddd) This look is so fun, feminine and a lil flirty. Also, my exact dress was not available but, I linked some other options you will love! 



 I know all of you died when I posted this handbag on Insta SO if you want to purchase the cutest handbag of all time come to the Blogger Block Party that Patricia Nash is throwing on June 22nd. If you do come and purchase this exact handbag you will receive 15% off! I will also be posting more fun details on my Instagram up until then so stay tuned. Cannot wait to see you all there!!