Soooooo I didn't do anything special with this weeks outfit (simple & casual), but I did get it for free by winning a contest so I guess that counts. If you saw my Instagram post yesterday you saw that the brand that makes this romper is Endless Rose (my FAVE). The reason I love them so much is because their clothing is unique, the quality is GREAT, AND the price point is sooo good.  Not a ton of people know about it so I am trying to spread the word. (ur welcome) There are a few local boutiques in Nashville that carry it, possibly Knoxville (not sure though), and definitely online stores such as Revolve, ShopBop, etc. I will link all of my favorite Endless Rose pieces on my Shop page. Also, I just have to share that I bought my hat at Forever21 for $15 and I never ever ever even go in there any more, but for seasonal hats it's so worth the dig. Also, so many of you have asked about my sunnies. They are just the Ray-Ban Icons in the biggest frame which is the 53mm. (linked on shop page).  This romper needed something although it's great by itself, I added a double buckle belt which I bought from Molly Green (not available online, but maybe in store). It has an elastic band at the waist so it doesn't necessarily have to be belted, just my personal preference. For the shoes, I wore my Adidas All stars because of the comfort and they are pretty cute, too. That's all for now, peeps.

All photos by Merritt Ellaine Photography