I don't love men, but I do love the way (some of them) dress and it inspires me. Menswear such as suits, button downs, leather boots, etc. It's timeless and that is what I truly love. Timeless with a bit of edge describes me. I think. Blazer for the timelessness and the skort and chain for the edge. Anyways, when and if you ever are in the market for a blazer, I would recommend splurging a tad whether it be $100-$500. Now let's get one thanggggg straight, I did not spend a lot of money on the blazer pictured because I got it on major sale. It was maybe around $75?! But It's also easy for me to tell others to splurge when in all reality I really enjoy getting a good deal like everyone else. Sometimes it's just hard to find a really good deal! I think I am going to start telling you guys every single time I get a super good deal so you can hopefully take advantage of it. I will say I do buy a lot of things full price because I am the most impatient human you will ever encounter, but I have a great mix in my wardrobe. My top and booties are both from Target (everyone loves target) which blows my mind completely. They are great quality and have lasted through multiple seasons. I was tooooo excited to show you guys this look because it's the coolest ever (I think). The color / texture combo is really what gets me. Neutrals, silver and a quilted texture. I die every time. Since it is not fall, I couldn't find any chelsea boots, but I linked my other pieces on my shop page. See ya next weeeeeek.

All photos by Merritt Ellaine Photography

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