I wish I could explain to you guys how amazing it was to get away for a few days. Getting away from my busy lifestyle and being on my own schedule with no worries was like a dream! Not being dramatic, either. We flew out Monday morning to Sanibel island in southwest FL. The cutest & most relaxing lil island in the worlldddddd, btw. There wasn't a lot of people on the island so that made the trip a million times better. I'm not one for crowds. Under ANY circumstance. I went with really low key outfit choices (not my norm) for the trip because I really wanted to take a breather. Putting on an elaborate outfit every night in the FL heat didn't sound fun to me so I kept it super simple and I honestly didn't even photograph everything I wore. I wanted to share this with you guys because I was not pressuring myself into getting a shot of everything. AGAIN, I wanted to decompress and not worry about Instagram for a few days. The shots that I did get were just on my iPhone. I also didn't get a photo of my travel outfits because it was SO early in the morning and I wasn't going to act like I was excited to be up at 5am for an Instagram post. Keeping it super real. Trying to at least. I wore my black and white polka dotted Amuse Society pants with a J. Crew cotton tunic tied in a knot and Steve Madden platform espadrilles along with a super natural, fresh face for the plane ride there. When we arrived I changed into denim shorts for a late lunch / and for dinner I wore a salmon colored faux wrap dress from Free People with a straw hat and Steve Madden platform espadrilles. For our pool and beach days I wore a  black one piece with studs (going to link), a black 2 piece with a modern design that I already have linked on my shop page AND a Dippin' Daisy's black one piece swimsuit with statement earrings. Had to wear my watermelon ones because I eat (literally eat) breathe and sleep watermelon so it was only right. Two of the three swim suits I wore are produced in the USA which is AWESOME! (all linked on my shop page) For the rest of the trip, I stayed in white flowy tops and denim shorts. I also kept my accessories to a minimum with gold dainty jewels. I got the coolest bag from Patricia Nash before I left (pictured below) It has tons of texture and is SO unique. Everything will be linked on my SHOP page. Back to real life now. Ciao!