As much as I would like to wear just a swimsuit while running around in this heat, I cannot. Apparently that's not accepted. Whatever. I know I am talking about dressing for the heat and i'm wearing a leather skirt, BUT it's pretty thin and very comfy. I have been so sick of just wearing denim shorts ALL the time so I had to switch it up, plus I was feeling supes edgy this day. I wanted a cool outfit that wasn't a dress with espadrille sandals that I could still stay cool in and also give you ppl some inspo. I paired the leather skirt with a flowy button down, mixed metal accessories, vintage Louis (from ebay), and YSL sneaks. Also, I am really into casual street wear. Comfortable, but something you can conquer the city in looking your best. I wanted to branch out and wear big gold hoops mixed with my everydays bc why not? They have freaking stars inside them. I'm obsessed. They are also super lightweight which is a PLUS. I tagged the brand on my insta, but if you did not see that, here is the link to their website. Keep an eye out for more of this brand on my Instagram. I bought my top from Nordstrom Rack for $89!!!!!!!! Yes. You read that correctly. I mean this is a HUGE deal considering it's Margiela. To add on to this Nordstrom Rack story, I also found my sneakers there for $189. I know some of you are like what the heck Alison these are so expensive?!?!? First of all, the sneakers are Yves Saint Laurent and originally $600 soooo that is freaking nuts. Big deal for someone who loves designer items but cannot afford them unless they are on major sale. Personally, I am very happy with my finds considering I can wear them year round. Deff going to keep you guys updated on my rack finds. I'm probably there like twice a week soooo. Embarrassing. Anyways, they are having a huge sale right now that you ALL should check out. Byyyeeeeeeeee. Until I post another Instagram photo.

Photos by : Justin Nolan Key