I know.... you guys are probably confused why you are reading a blog post from me on a Thursday night. Get unconfused because starting today I am putting out two blog posts weekly. Once on Sunday and another on Thursday. Why? Because once a week wasn't enough for me. It was enough at first, but i'm growing. A lot. (YAY) I'm extremely grateful for that in every way possible, so thank you to everyone who supports Alison K. Saylor. ON to the outfit deets though. This outfit is probably one of my favorites ever. So LA. So French. SooOOoooO cute. A white button down is without a doubt in my top 3 must haves. It goes with anything and everything, you can layer it, AND it can be feminine or a bit more manly (if you're into that). So with that being said, I like to keep a few around. This one to mix it up though because of the slits on both sides and it's from everyones fave place!!!! (target)  Also, my denim shorts are from GOODWILL. Go to your nearest Gwill asap and see what they have. They were pants when I purchased them, but I cut them into shorts. Best two dollar decision i've ever made. For my accessories I layered gold, dainty necklaces, tied a floral bandana around my neck and topped it off with a hat. Literally, though. I wish I wish I wish my shoes were still in stock. I think they are the coolest, most versatile lil thanggsss. They are from Zara two years ago, but i'm hoping they will come out with something similar soon. If they do, you will be the first to know. Swear! Cya in a few. (Sunday)

Also, I have just started taking advantage of Like To Know It. I think it will be really convenient for you guys to shop my looks, so with that being said, you can shop this outfit by downloading the Like To Know It app, and screen shotting my designated Instagram photo. My whole outfit was basically not available anymore, so I linked equally cool similar items. 


Photos by : Justin Nolan Key