Blush has totally taken over my life. In every way possible. Every shade of pink has taken over my life honestly. You guys know I stay true to black, but I've been branching out so much lately. I think all black is beautiful, but I needed some actual color in my life and closet. I feel more playful when i'm wearing color compared to when I wear black. Black makes me feel fierce and powerful. As good as that is, I needed balance. I don't know if everyones clothes make them feel like mine do, but I think it's important! You obviously feel different when you wear workout clothes than if you are wearing stilettos. It's just a fact of life people!! I take it to an extreme just because I like to feel good ALL the time, so I dress for it. I promise it helps! The main point of this post was to let you guys know that I branch out and wear whatever makes me feel good so you should too! I got my top & pants at Amelia Styles which is a boutique in Nashville. (my favorite boutique on planet earth). The brand is Endless Rose and yes they are one of my faves. Yes, I talk about them a lot, but I just realllyyyyy love them. My clutch is by Xinh & Co. She is local to Nashville and sells all kinds of unique items. She sells clutches like the one i'm carrying. straw baskets, straw bags etc. I will link everything on my shop page AND my Instagram. See ya Thursdayyyyyyy!