First things first.... comfort. As i've gotten older, I have come to the conclusion I would rather be comfortable and stylish than just stylish. That's a lie actually. I would wear 6 inch heels all day if need be, but would prefer sandals/tennies. Also, I don't know if you guys have noticed my pant obsession. Give me ALLLL of the cool pants, pls. The ones pictured are by Amuse Society  (only $58) and are without a doubt the comfiest pants i've ever owned. You guys don't understand how many ways you can wear these pants!!! I hate when people get statement pieces and wear them just a few times. Like whats the point?? There is nothing wrong with wearing polka dotted pants at least once a week when they are this comfy. Be the outfit or in this case pants repeater because honestly who cares. Wear them with a t shirt tied in a knot (sound familiar?),  button down top, silk blouse, sweater, tank, etc.  I've styled these pants many different ways but my favorite way by far is with the vintage t. Every Nashville gal has their own personal stash of vintage items, but especially vintage t's. They are like a staple here, which is cool to me. I scored this Jimi Hendrix one for $5 at the Nashville Flea Market last September (swear). PS : I named this post Rockstar Things because it made me feel like a rockstar with my band tee and chain. Wear things that make you feel like a rockstar.  Off to the beach for a week! Xx