It's not fall yet, but it will be VERY SOON! The hot, sticky, TN weather is obnoxious and i'm over it. As is everyone else (i'm sure). SO, i'm giving you guys a little head start on the coolest of the cool fall pieces. Some of these items are one of a kind that I purchased off of The Real Real, but I made sure to have other options as well. Some of the items are even on saleeee (yayayay). I'm so so so so into blazers / blazer jackets at the moment... I mean I die for them. I recently purchased a white one (chic) and I may or may not have worn it every day since I got it. Styled differently every time, of course. Once with a trouser, denim shorts & denim pants w/ different accessories (versatile). Wearing a blazer jacket with no makeup makes me feel like an Olsen twin idk about you. Probs just me, whatevs. They also make for the most bomb transitional pieces!!! ALSO, Zara is killing the shoe game right now. I ordered the frayed mules below and they are so freaking cool. Very pointy, very comfy, and under $60. Zara is my go to for the cool items, that I may not want to spend lots of money on (check it out ppl).  I'm also into minimal, but stacked jewelry. Minimal design, but lots of it (for clarification). I just prefer more delicate items, rather than big, chunky ones. I linked my every day pieces below, plus they are very affordable and amaze quality! If you can't tell I am going crazy with accessories right now, but with good reason. In my opinion, it's nice to have lots of accessories on hand so you can style the same pieces (like a blazer) multiple ways which I am ALL about. WOO! Errrthang can be shopped by just clicking on the photos below. Also, I want to hear some feedback from you guys. Is there anything you want, but cant find? What are you looking for to complete your FW wardrobe? What are some style tips??? Ask and u shall receive.  xoxoxoxxxxx