I wanted to give myself as well as you guys some different styling options because I feel like some of my outfits can be unrealistic for some of you! So I paired 3 statement pieces together (counting the sparkly shoes) and then a statement piece with a classic tee and sneaks. I went super feminine with one outfit and super cool girl with the other. This is why my love for fashion grows daily because I can always dress differently. ALWAYS! Also, this top does not look like me AT ALL. I purchased it at a local boutique called Amelia Styles and it is actually sold out, but I have linked a similar one here that is SooOOOOooooo CUTE! A year ago I probably wouldn't have even given it a second look because it's ways too "girly." My gingham skirt was only $13 on sale from Blush Boutique! I was pretty ecstatic about it because I don't like investing in super trendy pieces. Here is my exact skirt that is a bit more expensive and from ASOS, but I would still buy it. I thought these two outfits would make for awesome transitions into cooler weather, as well. I seriously can't wait to pair a leather jacket with both outfits pictured below. Honestly, it's all I can think about. Fall cannot come soon enough, right??? I hope you all decide to take my advice and pair two statement pieces together in the future. Also.... I am doing a few fun collabs this week so keep an eye out for my Instagram posts! Love you guys lotsssssss. xx