Week 3 already???? Lots of projects, reading, and deadlines. Oh and did I mention I went to NYFW for a day? Anyways..... life has been wild since we talked last. Absolutely WILD. My projects are getting cooler by the day as well. In Intro to Fash we are working our way towards our own retail shop (I believe I told you guys this) , but mine is coming along swimmingly! As you know, it is called SAYLOR. My customer is women in their 30's. So think Olivia Palermo (my icon) and Rosie Huntington Whitely. Essentially badass business women with iconic style and no budget (goals). My store is going to carry classics ONLY along with rare, vintage designer items. Not telling you guys all the deets before it's finished, but you get the idea. In CAD, I am presenting NEXT WEEK. Presenting my mood / silhoutte boards as well as my flats. Nervous???? Maybe a little. I am one of the most confident people, but when it comes to presenting I freak out a bit. It's just really weird having all of these people staring at you. IDK?? That is honestly all I have for week 3. I will be posting my NYFW diaries this week so stay tuned for my one day NYC trip. Outfits below (kept it super comfy this week). x, A.

Alison Saylor