Last Thursday, September 7th, my friend Jami-Lyn and I found out we were going to New York for less than 24 hours for NYFW. Our flight left the next day, so there wasn't a lot of time to prepare. It was my very first NYFW and I seriously couldn't have been more ecstatic. If you know me at all you know fashion is my LIFE and the fact that I got to experience NYFW for even a day, fulfilled me. Until Paris fashion week. Obvi. So, when we finally got to NYC the air was different, colder, and overall better (in my opinion). We had a 30 minute ride to our hotel in the LES. The Ludlow Hotel is where we stayed and it was sooOOooOooo magical. Check out The Ludlow here. Every detail in every inch of the hotel is PERFECT. Their restaurant / bar is called Dirty French. I die. SO CHIC. The people that were hanging out there were all soooo fab, too. I die, again. I'll take a rosè or 5. Pls. Morning came way too soon after going to sleep at 2am. After getting ready in our most fabulous NYFW outfits... we went to brekkie at the most fab Sant Ambreous (new fave spot). We ran around SOHO and took tons of photos (thx jami for all da photos luv u // check her out here) before heading to the Rebecca Minkoff show. THE SHOW WAS UNREAL. Being UP FRONT with one of my best girls for my VERY FIRST NYFW was literally a dream. OH AND a fashion illustrator drew me on the street. I died a little on the inside and thought "is this even real????". The finished product is pictured below and i'm so in love with it. Seriously one of the coolest things to ever happen to me. After the RM show, they had an after party and you already knowwwww Jami and I were the first to get in. Did I mention I met my icon???? I met my girl Arielle Charnas (google her) at the after party. I look up to her in more ways than one and think she is killing it with everything she's doing. Seriously my girl for life. Love her. Live for her. Outfit deets! My outfit was super simple, but I was obsessed.  I was wearing a Public School blazer jacket with a Gucci t-shirt, SportMax trousers, and YSL sneaks. I wasn't overdone and kept it super cool. I think I accomplished my goal for the day because Arielle said she liked my outfit soooooo. Anyways.... that was my 24 hours in New York City. It was an absolute dream and I will never forget it. All photos below.

x, A.