It's week 4 and the stress has set in. I have never been one to "stress" about school work, but this semester is messing with me a bit. I present my first CAD project on Tuesday morning and I am freaking out, but I know it will be fine and I cannot wait to show you guys the finished product! However, all of my other classes are going fabulously!!!!!! My intro to fashion class gets more exciting every week. We had to do a trend scouting report last week, which I scouted trends when I was in NYC. I had fun with it and created the three boards below. The first one is called "Comfy Streets" because of the athleisure trend (best trend) and it will be around for a very, very long time. Being comfortable and still looking presentable won't be going anywhere in my book. The second trend, I called Newsboy because of the newsboy hat trend. I mean... I just bought one, but I bought mine at the Greek Fest in Knoxville and apparently they are greek fisherman hats. Lol. So, me and every old man at greek fest had one on. They are super chic and pretty classic in my opinion. The 3rd trend, I called Suited, because women's suiting is so popular right now. It's sooo menswear inspired and I die for it. It's also very classic, but it all depends on how it's designed. Right now there's a lot of colorful and printed suits (trendy), but being trendy isn't a bad thing, guys!! Trends just come and go and that is life my friends. Thank God they do, though. Enough about school, on Wednesday I got the opportunity to be a "dresser" at a St. John Nordstrom event. Cool, right?? It was kind of intense, but fun.  About my outfits for the week.... kind of all over the place. Lol. I was extremely indecisive last week and changed like 5 times before leaving my apartment every day. HOPING I can do better next week. Will keep you updated.  Brb going to finish the final details of my CAD project and practice presenting 500 times. Talk soon!

x, A

Alison Saylor