Week 5. My off week. Not off as in free... off as in not the best week. Nothing horrible happened, I was just so overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with school, work, balancing that with a social life, etc. I was so busy I didn't even have time to take photos of my outfits. YOU KNOW ALISON SAYLOR IS BUSY WHEN SHE DOESN'T HAVE TIME FOR A MIRROR PIC. Dont hate me??? BUT, everything is all good. I am still here and not overwhelmed anymore thanks to my relaxing weekend I spent alone. Much needed. Not having class on Friday and the french fries I had for brunch might have helped with the incredible weekend, too. ALSO, SomethingNavy's collection is launching tomorrow morning. Start to the best week ever, possibly??? I.cannot.freaking.wait.ok. Back to my school week though, even though last week was a bit stressful I got everything I needed to done and i'm starting fresh this week. I presented on Tuesday and it went OK. It was my first CAD project so I couldn't expect it to be perfection. Not showing you guys my flats until I perfect them (you wouldn't want to see them anyways), BUT I will show you guys my final Inspo and silhouette boards for it. My target customer is what I call "The Modern Frenchie," a young care-free woman working in the creative industry and living life to the fullest while showing that through her personal style. Cool, right? I die for her!!!! I hope you enjoy them, and can see the girl I see. In other news, I have another collaboration with Iris + Poppy coming to the blog on Thursday SO, do not miss it. And and and I was featured in a MAGAZINE. Click (here) on it, read it, look at it, thx! Talk soon!

x, A