WEEK 2 of Sophomore year in the books. These past two weeks have flown by. I MEAN WHEN I SAY FLOWN BY, I MEAN I FELT LIKE I DID NOT EVEN HAVE TIME TO DO HOMEWORK. Sorry for yelling, but it was necessary. Also, my time management isn't amazing..... still working on that. I like to do LOTS of things at once. All the time. So, that could be part of the problem. I have a lot of different projects going on currently and I can't wait to see the final product (and for you to, too). What kind of projects am I working on you ask???? WELL, in CAD I am working on 5 flats for my chosen silhouettes (DefinitionFlat sketches, also called flat drawingstechnical flats, or just “flats” in the fashion industry, are a black and white fashion technical drawing that shows a garment as if it were laid flat to display all seams, topstitching, hardware, and any other design details), a mood, silhouette, and patterns / details board. In Retail Buying, I am working on some things in Excel. Not fun, but i'm learning things about the buying world which is cool, buuttttt I will never be a buyer. Ever. I knew that going into it, though. Intro to Fashion is super fun right now because we are working on pieces of our final. Our final is essentially building a retail store. So, first we had to start out choosing our target market, location of our shop, name of our shop (mine is called S A Y L O R), and building a mood board for our ideal customer. More details coming soon I PROMISE. I love this type of project because I have no boundaries. I don't do well with boundaries. In my classes anyways. Also, guys...... I couldn't take a photo EVERY DAY this week just because the weather was so disgusting and then on Friday I woke up 10 minutes before I was supposed to leave for class so you could guess what I looked like. My outfit was still on point.... but my face..... not cute AND I was a bit under the weather. We all have those days. It doesn't happen often for me, but it still happens.  My outfits are below. xoxoxoxo lurv ya

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