New year, new me. New semester, new me. (Hopefully). Nothing was wrong with me, in my opinion.... but I have some goals that I would like to achieve (as does everyone else) in this new year. 1. Work less. Sometimes, I take on A LOT more than I can handle and get really stressed. I feel the need to say yes to everything and I definitely am saying no more. It keeps me sane. Essentially, I need a healthy B A L A N C E. 2. Spend more time with family. As most of you know, my family lives a few hours away from me and it's hard to see them even once a month with my busy schedule. With that being said, I'm going home more often and really cherishing those weekends spent with my closest peeps! Those are my 2 personal goals for 2018 and I have been sticking to them and as a result, I have been happier. (yay) Now that school is back in session and after being off for a month and a half.... i'm ready to be back in the swing of things! It was hard to find inspiration during winter break because all I was doing was working and not really doing creative things. I'm happy to be back and to start creating / learning again! These are my classes, though since you guys will be reading about what i'm up to in them.

Design & Illustration - Well. I'm not the best artist. Stay tuned

Spanish 2 - I'll be fluent, soon.

CAD 2 - Y'ALL ALREADY KNOW I'VE BEEN IMPROVING ON MY FLATS! I'm excited to see what projects are ahead!

Textiles -  Aka, the study of fibers. I'm pretty pumped about this one tbh. Stay tuned for fun facts?

Merchandise Planning - A lot of excel. Scary.

X's and O's,


Alison Saylor