It is the 3rd week back and i'm already over it and thinking that I have 2 years of school left (kk bye), but what's new????? Anyways, enough complaining. I am working on ONE project for CAD, learning how to draw the fashion figure, learning about textiles and creating a buying plan. The first project in CAD is named "The Samurai" so, from that we have to create a mood board, silhouette board, print board, and a detail / innovation board. As far as my designs, I have to design 3 outerwear pieces that are somewhat innovative (whether it be an innovative fabric or something with technology). I am still working through my boards, so if they look not finished, it's because they aren't. I wanted you guys to see the process and the process isn't going to look like the finished product of course. Not telling you guys my ideas just yet for my flats, but I will show you one of my sketches. All photos are below :)

Until next week


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