Time off is good, ya know? After the semester ended I didn't want to do much. I just needed some time to myself. No school, no work, no babysitting, no social media. I'm not complaining, btw. I just take on a little toooooo much (at times). Now that it's 2018, i'm setting some ground rules. 1. At least one personal day a week. I know for a fact this will not happen because one (me) does not simply have the time to do nothing, but if not a personal day, then a few hours. 2. BALANCE. How does one balance everything in their life??? Asking for a friend. And that concludes my new years resolutions. Hoping everyone reading this can relate somehow. 2017 was the best year yet, but i'm SO ready to do more in 2018. I missed the last couple of weeks of FSD (stressful time), but I will show you guys my final projects in the photos below. The first photo is a skirt made from shower curtain liner and tons of Chanel book pages (and a staple gun). If you kept up with FSD, you know what the other two photos are, but if not, they are the flats I made for my CAD final. V tropical and i'm still in love. I have also been applying for internships in LA (wild). Lots of tings happening in 2018 peeps. You know you love me, xoxo A.

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