What would Alison wear for v-day festivities? Well.... since you asked.... I would wear something sexy, but subtle. Nothing too sexy bc not me. Something dark, more than likely. Also, nothing TOO traditional (MAJOR KEY). Below are three looks that I put together for you guys and yes, the looks are from MY own closet. I didn't go out and buy anything specifically for these looks BTW. So with that being said, you all can put these looks together with pieces you already own (trust). 

1st lewk: (no namer)

This is one of my FAVES and especially for a fun night out with your lover / besties. It consists of a FP top crop top that has puffy sleeves (adds a fun element), a Fame and Partners bustier (crop top), a leather skirt and heels. Side note, I wore the same pair of shoes for all 3 looks, but you can switch that up to a bootie / kitten heel / OTK boot :) This look to me is unique but nothing too unique to where your mans will be like wutt??? 

2nd lewk: Cool girls vibes, but SEXY by showing a lil skin

THIS IS SO EASY GUYS! A lot of people blank when trying to find an outfit for a special event and they don't even bother to look in their closet. Guys..... stop that shit. Stop it. I know for a fact you ALL have a black tank, denim, black heels, and a coat. 

3rd lewk: SPICY AF, (but) cool vibes w/ the blazer

I never ever ever ever ever wear dresses. I honestly enjoy wearing a pant and a top more. Why? Because to me, anyone can wear a dress and have a full outfit, but anyone who can put together more than one piece can be more unique. So, when I do wear dresses I always always wear them in multiple ways. I will probably never wear this dress without something over it / under it (t shirt).  Link to dress here / Link to blazer here


I hope I have relieved all of your vday outfit stress. xox




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