Only 13 more weeks until summer, but on another good note... this semester is going really well. I'm not overwhelmed and I am SO thankful for that. Last week I had a tough week with trying to figure out my CAD project, but once I started one of my flats, I got really into it! (stay tuned for the other two) I am so so in love (so far) with my jacket in my outerwear collection (stay tuned for the other two pieces). It is a cropped PINK (eek) leather jacket with a printed silk lining and a detachable fur collar. It is ALMOST finished, so my fashion friends, do not judge if you see something a lil off. Also, I added another photo below of the jacket in the early stages. No visible seams / still deciding on color choices. I have to add tiny details that most of you may not even notice. When I say that, I mean you may not notice how the hem is finished (if there is one), the seams, style lines (how the garment will move / fit on the body), etc. I just wish it could be REAL! Some day though, right? Stay with me long enough and it may just happen. 



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