WWAW for SS '18?? She would wear lots of basics and mix in some "trendy" pieces dare I say. I really, truly hate that word, but it was fitting. Not forever 21 trendy, but more like Zara trendy. This list contains everything you will need to look / feel your best this SS. There is a good mix of things on my list such as casual / dressy items (mostly casssual) but also keep in mind, this is what I have in my closet (or similar), OR items that are on my wish list.  There are a few items I linked from Iris + Poppy that they recently sent me. The jumpsuit they sent me is TIMELESS! It looks great with sneakers, heels, AND it's black. What more could you want?  If you haven't already, head to their site and check it out! They have clothing, accessories (my faves are the clare earrings) and home goods, so there is something for everyone! For 25% off of your entire purchase use ALISON25 (valid until April 10). Side note, I am currently getting rid of my whole SS wardrobe (keeping the basics) and starting over. I am only going to buy things I need / will wear constantly. I am so sick of over buying and not wearing!!!! It is such a waste to me and I want to challenge everyone to get rid of the sh*t they haven't worn in 6 months and start fresh! HAPPY TUESDAY!