Internship Week 1

As some of you know, I have accepted an internship with A Lady of The Lake. This business is mostly a one woman show (impressive!) because she makes  and does almost everything herself. All of the pieces are made to order or you can even buy from her vintage collection which is the coolest of all I might add. ALOTL is run by a stylish, EXTREMELY cool woman named Lauren. I met her a few years ago at an event she was popped up at. I was new to Nashville and didn't know anyone. I was itching to get into the fashion industry here so, I went up to her, introduced myself and we talked for almost an hour. One thing I learned EARLY ON is to never be afraid to talk to anyone. Introduce yourself, network, tell people what you can do for them especially as a student, eager to get involved. We became extremely close after I assisted on a shoot and the rest is history. My internship duties involve planning photoshoots (exciting one coming up next week), social media, planning events, & participating in almsot everything she does which is so exciting for me! My first week on the job, I worked a pop-up event. This event was for a new musician that Lauren made a custom suit for! She was debuting her first album and it was so so fun to see Lauren's creation in action. Below are a few photos of Lauren's creations. First is the custom suit she made (photo by me via Iphone), the others are Lauren's made to order pieces (shot by students at Nossi College). Check out the rest of her pieces here!


Until next week,


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