Summer Essentials

If you are struggling with what to wear this summer, keep reading (or book a styling session with me). I keep it simple (as should you) during the summer months because of the hot temps in TN. I also keep it simple mostly because I don't shop often! I mean I shop, but I don't buy. I have to really love and believe in a product before spending money on it aaaaand you should too!

- A pair of long, denim shorts. I prefer to buy from a thrift store. This keeps the price LOW and the quality high! I also have splurged on denim shorts from Agolde. This brand is amazing and I will spend $$ on their items because I love the brand and they are made in the USA which is always a nice perk.

- A white t-shirt! My favorite white t-shirt is from J. Crew, but they don't make this specific style anymore. The better news is, they made an even SOFTER one that I purchased a few days ago for 40% off. GRAB IT!

- Slide on sandals. THIS IS HUGE TO ME! I am always on the go and I prefer a shoe I can just slide on, I found these sandals at J.Crew a few weeks ago and now I am buying them in a few different colors. They are really comfortable too and look way more expensive than they are! 

- A slip dress. Slip dresses are e v e r y t h i n g to me! They are light, airy and are so versatile. I wear one that I got with another dress from Iris + Poppy (check them out BTW). Here are a few I love (look below!)

- Statement earrings. I'm an advocate for all statement earrings. Why??? Because they can CHANGE your whole outfit. Ask Sarah Mcaffry how I showed her a million different things she could wear with her statement earrings she thought she couldn't wear ;)

Moral of the story is to keep it simple. All of the items above you can wear for most of the year which also saves you money + it's all about how you style it, too. Buy less & book a few hours with me so I can transform your closet. Shop all items BELOW!

- Alison