Internship Week 3

This week has been very busy and very stressful as I've had to secure every little detail for my photo-shoot next Thursday 06/28. Lauren has let me plan this shoot all by myself which I am so thankful for. I feel like this learning opportunity is huge because I do want to run my own business after college and taking charge and being the boss is all apart of it. I know you may be thinking "Alison it's just a photo shoot, nothing major." Well, It's more than a photo shoot to me. It will effect her brand on social media, make consumers want to buy (or not want to buy), etc. Since social media is the number 1 way to market, everything has to be like-able. Literally. My plan since I started running ALOTL's social media was to show our consumer that A Lady of The Lake is a woman just like you, she is normal, fun, and relatable. 

 I also planned a studio photoshoot which was the most fun. A friend of mine, Merritt took photos of Lauren and I working in the studio. 


Earlier in the week, I got to accompany Lauren to the fabric store as we collaborated on fabrics and styles. I really felt as if I was apart of the brand and not just an "intern."


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