Internship Week 2

Hey guys!

I'm working on a TON of new stuff for my internship and one of them being planning a photoshoot for ALOTL's new collection. We are so excited for everyone to see it + wear it! It's going to be all about our take on every day basics. This is EXTRA exciting for me because I am a huge advocate for basics and using them wisely. 

During this process, I have had to come up with a concept, hire a photographer, hire models, contact accessory brands, make a mood board & location scout. 

I haven't ever planned my very own photo-shoot before, so I am having a lot of fun with this as well as learning a lot along the way. Work isn't always bad ;)

Below are a few of the images on my mood board for the shoot. It's going to be the DREAMIEST, but you will have to wait until the 28th to see the real deal. Xx

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