Internship 05, 06, & 07

This past few weeks have been INSANE! I have been traveling back and forth from Nashville to Knoxville, packing my apartment up and moving into my new house. Last week, I got all of the photos back from my shoot and I started planning all of our activities for the month of July and our upcoming events in September. I am planning another photo shoot for all of our website imagery, designing a look book, having it printed and re doing all of our packaging. 


Below are some of the photos from our studio shoot as well as the shoot I put together for the "Basics Collection." We created the basics collection because we both (Lauren and I) thrive off of basics. That's our every day wardrobe and we wanted to show people ALOTL's basics. They are "elevated" and can all be mix and matched. We wanted this collection to really show what ALOTL was about and show how wearable and versatile it is. Made to order / made in the USA clothing doesn't have to be out of reach.

Alison Saylor