Where do I shop?

Believe it or not, I don't buy a lot. I like to go look, but I rarely buy. WHY you ask?? Well, I don't buy anything unless I am absolutely obsessed with it, and it has to be the right price. 

When I do shop, here is a list of my faves in Nashville.

1. Nordstrom Rack - My go to for high end items at affordable prices. I LOVE their shoe selection the most, though. It can be a hit or miss, but if you go at the right time you can score awesome stuff. I have Jimmy Choo's, Saint Laurent sneakers, Margiela blouse, & more all from Nordstrom Rack (all under $150 BTW)

2. UAL - Another affordable store for designer pieces. I have also found tons of designers pieces here that I wear on a daily basis (Alexander Mcqueen sneaks!).

3. Anthropologie - I ONLY shop their sale section. Everything goes on sale so quick that there's no point to buy anything full price. Unless you absolutely have to have it. Which, I've been there before.

4. H. Audrey - Extremely high end, but also has such an incredible mix of high and low! For example, they carry a few t-shirt brands, superb jewelry aka Lizzie Couture Jewelry (where I get my silver chains from), and denim I love and will purchase because I know they are good quality and I will get my moneys worth. Their sale section is also, B O M B. I have scored so many incredible pieces from their sale section it's insane.

6. Basically any goodwill / vintage store I stumble upon - You truly never know what you will find, so it's worth a shot to go in a peak around. Trust!

7. Oh, and The Haul Consignment Event. Coming at the end of September. I have a feeling it's going to be one of our fave places to shop. ;)

I have some shopping tips that I live by and you should, too.

1. ALWAYS think of at least 3-5 outfits you can wear with the item you are thinking about purchasing.

2. Don't buy something just because it's cheap AF. Don't worry, I used to do that LOL.

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