I am currently a student of O’More College of Design at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. I am pursuing a degree in Fashion Merchandising and below are examples of my projects, experiences, and internships that have molded me to excel in the fashion industry.


My first internship was with A Lady of The Lake, a made to order womenswear company here in Nashville, TN. I have managed the social media accounts since May 2017 and decided it was the perfect fit to take on more responsibility. Along with creating content and curating the Instagram, I planned photoshoots from beginning to end, I scouted models and photographers, I made a look-book, sew in tags, hang tags, postcards for our customers, and other marketing materials such as stickers.


I have founded two businesses within the last year. I started my own personal styling business in February to show women how to style what they already own so it saves them money by using unique styling tips. I have clients in Nashville, Knoxville, Atlanta, Memphis, and Ohio. I also founded The Haul which is a consignment event for women in Nashville, TN. Women, ages 20-40 sign up to consign their clothing, shoes, and accessories over a 2 day period.


The following photos represent my work in fashion technology and visual merchandising. For fashion technology, I had to create a mood board, an inspiration board for the flats, and make flats from scratch. For visual merchandising, I assisted a retail store with a floor move. I contributed my ideas and strategies.

Project 1. The theme is Japanese Streetwear. My inspiration came from the Japanese contemporary artist, Yayoi Kusama. The 89 year old artist has an eclectic style in art and fashion. I was inspired by her still working at 89 years old and her use of colorful that made me feel alive. All of the graphics on the first project are taken from her art. I cut them apart and altered them in photoshop.

Project 2. This project didn’t have any guidelines except for hand drawn prints.

Visual Merchandising

I had the opportunity to assist a high-end boutique with a floor move. I created unique ideas specific to the stores image and gained first hand experience on visual merchandising in a small, locally owned store.